TMJ/TMD Therapy

It’s normal to wake up with some jaw stiffness or soreness on occasion, but if you or someone in your household is experiencing chronic jaw or facial pain, that may be an indication that TMJ treatment is necessary. Trinity Orthodontics offers non-invasive, affordable treatment options for TMJ that include comfortable, custom mouthguards. Whether you only experience TMJ symptoms during times of stress or every single day, our knowledgeable team would be happy to assess your situation and create a treatment plan for you.



What is TMJ?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the joint that connects the top of the jaw to the skull. TMJ and TMD are used interchangeably to refer to temporomandibular joint disorder, which is when a patient clenches their jaw and puts a lot of pressure on these joints, or an injury to the TMJ has occurred. Over time, tight clenching or TMJ injuries can cause a wide range of symptoms, and patients may experience the effects of TMJ occasionally or daily. If you suffer from TMJ, even only during times of stress or anxiety, we recommend seeking treatment to relieve your symptoms and prevent permanent or further damage from occurring.

symptoms of tmj

What are the symptoms of TMJ?

There are no standardized tests that can be performed to determine if a patient has TMJ. However, many patients who suffer from TMJ usually experience jaw stiffness, soreness, and pain in and around the jaw. Common TMJ symptoms include:

  • Persistent Pain in Jaw, Face, or Ears
  • Jaw Clicking or Popping
  • Difficulty Chewing
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Difficulty or Inability to Open Mouth
tmj treatment

How is TMJ treated?

Fortunately, there are a few great, non-invasive treatments that patients can try to relieve their TMJ before trying muscle relaxants or surgery. There are physical therapy exercises that patients can practice for a few minutes a day to relax the jaw and facial muscles. We also create custom oral appliances that can keep the TMJ from being put under intense pressure during the night. Dr. Nelson received his diplomat status in TMJ from the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain in 2014, and he is one of the few orthodontists in the Denver metro area who is highly qualified to treat TMJ. Schedule your TMJ consultation with our office today!

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