Traditional Braces

Metal braces used to be known for being clunky and uncomfortable. Fortunately, today’s conventional orthodontic options offer a sleeker design that will not irritate your gums or mouth—and they can even help you get the smile of your dreams! To learn more about how these modern-day miracles work, call our office located in Broomfield, CO, to schedule your consultation with our team!

Modern Conventional Braces

At Trinity Orthodontics, we offer an excellent choice for patients who prefer conventional braces to straighten their smiles:

  • Metal braces use metal brackets, and patients can choose the color of elastics they would like to surround each bracket. These are changed out during in-person appointments.

Taking Care Of Metal Braces

At-home hygiene is key in caring for your smile while wearing metal braces. By having a good oral hygiene routine, you can help avoid the risk of tooth decay or other oral problems. Sticky foods should be avoided because they can get stuck in the brackets, causing damage and making brushing difficult. When eating crunchy foods, it’s recommended to first cut the foods into smaller pieces and use the back molars when eating. If you choose metal braces for your orthodontic treatment, our team can provide the best recommendations for caring for your braces.

Metal Braces Vs. Clear Aligner Therapy

When deciding between metal braces and clear aligners therapy, the choice depends on both your straightening needs and your preference for treatment. A consultation with our team is the best first step in the orthodontic process. Our team can take a look at your smile, answer any questions you may have, and recommend the best option depending on your orthodontic needs.

Precision Bracket Placement

Thanks to Dr. Nelson, our office is able to offer a process that he has developed called Precision Bracket Placement, or PBP. PBP determines the best placement for brackets by using a model of the teeth prior to treatment. This model is used as a guide to help our team know exactly where to place the brackets for more precise treatment and faster treatment times.

Benefits Of Precision Bracket Placement:

Get more for your money with PBP. Although these braces require technically difficult lab procedures, our pricing for PBP treatment is comparable to traditional braces. PBP offers a more comfortable, more accurate, and significantly shorter treatment option. This process offers benefits, including:

  • Use of diagnostic models for accurate bracket placement
  • Brackets embedded into a custom, fabricated tray that allows all-at-once bonding and improved accuracy in initial bracket placement
  • Reduced time in the dental chair, as well as less discomfort, compared to direct-bonded brackets
  • More precise tooth movement; fewer adjustments needed
  • Less treatment time compared to traditional braces: typically between 14 and 18 months
  • A shorter treatment time means a lower risk of tooth decay
  • Very rarely need to remove any permanent teeth
  • Great results—guaranteed!

Advanced Technology For Your Straightening Needs

At Trinity Orthodontics, we want you to have the best experience with advanced technology that is designed to make your treatment easier with faster results. Contact our office to learn more about our orthodontic treatment options in Broomfield, CO, and how advanced technology can help you achieve a straighter smile quickly and effectively. Scheduling a consultation with our team can help you take the first step towards a straighter smile!

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