Check out what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with our amazing team!

Paul C.
21:30 30 Sep 23
This is my sixth set of braces and that's why I keep going back.
15:42 28 Sep 23
My eldest son had amazing results with the Invisalign program. We just signed my youngest son up for braces. He was anxious and has special needs. I hadn't even mentioned this and Lisa somehow just knew to spend extra time with him making him comfortable and confident. She was absolutely amazing.
Ania B.
17:10 26 Sep 23
A very nice atmosphere in the office. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The process was explained to us in a way that made us comfortable to trust them and chose them over the other 3 clinics we had gone to.
Thomas W.
17:05 26 Sep 23
Thank you Dr. Nelson!🥲
Barbara O.
20:38 23 Sep 23
I have had awesome experiences with Trinity Orthodontics both 5 years ago and again this past week! Everyone is friendly and professional and the end results are perfect! I would recommend them to anyone, any age.
Elizabeth C.
16:09 23 Sep 23
Outstanding customer service. Well done.
Derek Q.
14:50 15 Sep 23
The experience was amazing, such a nice well kept place, and Lisa made the experience so much better as well! I can’t wait to continue my treatment with them
April B.
01:05 14 Sep 23
I started with my first Invisalign set two weeks ago with Trinity Orthodontists. The office is very nice. The staff is informative, helpful, and friendly. I am very excited to be on my way to a better smile along with improved dental health. Trinity Orthodontists are are making it happen for me.
Rich R.
21:30 07 Sep 23
For over 2 years and 2 generations our family has been coming here. Everyone is always friendly, informative and spend the time to explain whenever there are questions. Trinity should be your first choice when it comes to fixing your smile.
Lisa N.
20:13 07 Sep 23
So far so good!
Carolina D.
21:35 06 Sep 23
I went here to treat my TMJ and brought my daughter in to have her teeth looked at. Lisa was AWESOME with my kiddo.
Gissel S.
14:58 04 Sep 23
I love the office in Brighton they only need to work on reminders a automatic text or an email will help
Dakota P.
00:02 31 Aug 23
Very nice people work here, it was so clean and professional! The little gift they give you for first joining is also so cute and thoughtful. Thank u guys sm
Daniel Kazi M.
00:37 24 Aug 23
From the moment you walk into the location and office! Place is absolutely beautiful! And staff is very warming and welcoming as well.I definitely give the upmost credit to Lisa! She made the whole experience from start to finish, pain less, warming, no pressure, and pleasant!Her knowledge and expertise on it all. Makes you feel at home from the get go. And handled everything perfect. Also, They have top of the line technology! You will see!Im anxious on my journey now. And I’m sure I’m in the right hands with Dr Bryan & Lisa, and the rest of the staff.I thank you Lisa and Trinity Orthodontics.Daniel Medina -
Angellie G. Y.
17:45 16 Aug 23
Great service! Everyone is really kind and super accommodating. Consultations are really informative and they really have your best interest in mind.
Dominic C.
22:12 15 Aug 23
First visit, Lisa’s great. She went beyond expectations to make sure I was comfortable, and we went into heavy detail when talking about my smile treatment and the look I want to achieve.
Elijia U.
22:45 07 Aug 23
The team at Trinity orthodontist has always been so friendly and accommodating from the time I had braces 10 years ago and now that I need a new set of retainers. Lisa was very helpful & informative during my consultation!Thank you, Trinity!
Cody B.
15:27 03 Aug 23
Professional, informative and state of the art equipment. Consult was quick and efficient, I look forward to work with Trinity Orthodontics in the future.
Angela R.
19:18 28 Jun 23
A wonderful experience. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a big smile.Then I met Lisa, physicianAssistant. Wonderful lady. Very kind and caring.They have the latest technology. She took image of my teeth and then x-rays. She explained in detail what needs to be done in order to have my dream smile.
Morgan B
03:33 28 Jun 23
Carley was super kind and welcoming. Amazing service!!
Al P.
17:45 25 Jun 23
Experienced warm and knowledgeable staff for consultation.
23:10 21 Jun 23
Amazing experience with Amy and Trinity Orthodontics. My daughter is getting her braces next week and this is the cleanest and most professional office I’ve ever experienced! Amy explained everything very thoroughly and made the process smooth and easy. Also, we found out our insurance paid a little more than expected and they gave us a great additional insurance discount and for paying in full. Highly recommended!
Marianne P.
22:03 20 Jun 23
I came here based on the reviews that I read and I was not disappointed. I needed a consultation for Invisalign and Lisa helped me today. She was so kind and empathetic, she spent an hour with me explaining my bite, payment options and even helped me apply for care credit. I would 100% recommend this place and i’m excited to follow up with my treatment here.
Colby G.
16:11 16 Jun 23
Lisa was very welcoming to myself and my daughter, and made her feel very comfortable during the initial scans and x-rays. We look forward to Invisalign treatment with the Trinity Team.
Luis C.
14:52 16 Jun 23
After many years of saving and researching, I contacted Trinity Orthodontics for a consultation on Invisalign. Lisa welcomed me in and was professional, informative, and warm. She answered all of my questions and gave me all the resources possible to make the right decision for myself. She broke down the payment options in a clear way and I never felt pushed into any specific direction. The office itself is extremely efficient. They communicate with links and texts to enhance all of the processes. I signed up for my Invisalign treatment the day of the appointment and left feeling hopeful and excited about my progress. I have already gone back to get my aligners and every time I show up, there's no time wasted, everyone is courteous, helpful and I continue to be excited to have chosen Trinity for this journey. I will update once the aligners have done their job. Thank you guys!
McKenzie B.
22:06 31 May 23
They were amazing set me up for a plan to get my ideal smile and is willing to work with me so I can make payments in order to achieve my perfect smile.
Melissa E.
01:35 16 May 23
Friendly staff. Plans are affordable for Invisalign. Staring my treatment in June. YAY!!!!
Marion P.
04:08 04 May 23
I am so far very please with Trinity Orthodontics.Lisa was my consultant she was very patient and explained the process and reasoning of why I needed Invisalign.Yer is who put on the Invisalign attachments. She was very kind, mindful of my TMJ, in tune with my nervousness and let me ask many questions. I never felt rushed or like I was bothering her with all my inquiries.About 5 days later I felt like I needed a check up due to a button rubbing on my tongue. They got me in the next morning and Yer was able to help with making the button more comfortable in a painless fashion!So far Trinity Orthodontics has been a great experience. Its a bit pricey but seems like you get what you pay for which is SO important when its come to an orthodontist!
Namolisa P.
04:08 24 Apr 23
Yer is great with my son. He's autistic We also enjoy other people that have worked on my son's teeth so far we are very satisfied
Jessica H.
23:59 20 Apr 23
From the beginning they have been extremely helpful. They have explained everything in full detail and made sure the parent as well as the patient felt comfortable!
Mairlynn J.
16:10 20 Apr 23
Super friendly, knowledgeable and always make my kids feel comfortable and confident
courtney K.
15:56 20 Apr 23
I would give 10 stars if I could! I came in because I haven’t worn my retainer in years and can tell my teeth have shifted. Got my scans and decided to just get a retainer. They were very honest with me and it’s clear they truly care about their patients and not just trying to get every nickel and dime. Gina at the front was particularly helpful and so, so kind! They all made me feel super comfortable. Would definitely recommend!
Makayla K.
16:48 11 Apr 23
The staff at Trinity is courteous and professional Venessa was beyond outstanding. I like how they text me with appointment confirmations. Overall such a great experience at Trinity Orthodontist!!
Debra K.
18:46 28 Mar 23
Friendly, detailed, and respectful of my time. First time in, and I’m impressed. Dr. Lisa was professional and informative. The front desk girls were sweet! I’m excited to get started with my Invisalign treatment:)
Leandra M.
17:50 27 Mar 23
Very good service ,, Got a gift and chapstick!! My favorite is Lisa. She’s soo nice and she gave me mango chapstick 💞💞
15:53 26 Mar 23
We brought our son in for a free consultation and the staff was amazing. Lisa did a great job of explaining everything and did not pressure us at all. Really great job and thanks for the awesome experience!
13:04 18 Mar 23
The staff at Trinity is courteous and professional. I like how they text me with appointment confirmations. They are open long enough to provide after school appointments. The reception and waiting area is inviting. They are good about honoring appointment times We've rarely waited over 5 minutes to see a provider. Thank you Trinity.
Ryan D.
22:49 16 Mar 23
Fantastic experience! Really enjoyed my consultations and looking forward to getting Invisalign
18:10 14 Mar 23
LIFE CHANGING FOR TMJ!!!! I'm absolutely shocked how having proper treatment for my TMJ has changed my life. I no longer have jaw pain (after 6 tray changes😱), my constant headache is gone. Years of pain gone! I would 100% recommend visiting with Lisa for a consult. Best decision I have made for my health. Very friendly staff and Dr Nelson is very informative and made me feel comfortable and truly cares about your treatment.
Marco M.
22:59 09 Mar 23
1st time visiting the office and Lisa was great, super friendly and welcoming. Will certainly recommend them
Caitlyn T.
22:23 01 Mar 23
Carley was super nice and she took care of me the whole time when I had Invisalign, and did a very good job and had the best service ever
Krista K.
23:07 28 Feb 23
Lisa took great care of me on my initial appointment. She went over the lists of concerns I had regarding my treatment for TMJ and orthodontic and was able to use some of the images from a different provider to give me more information on the best treatments. If you want a patient and kind staff, this is the place for you!
Danielle D.
16:45 20 Feb 23
We got right back, our assistant was very sweet and knowledgeable, she treated us all very well. Making sure we were all comfortable and enjoying our visit! We love Dr. Bryan, an amazing doctor! We are just starting with orthodontics, but very satisfied !
Morgin S.
14:56 20 Feb 23
I have had a great experience with trinity ortho. Courtney has been very helpful through out my treatment!
Abner R.
19:22 16 Feb 23
I called 4 different places to help replace my permanent retainer and Trinity was able to get me in the same day as a new patient at half the price of everyone else. They are also very kind and professional.
Bryan H.
17:42 16 Feb 23
Courtney Beck is my fav! Thank you so much for the referral! Can’t wait to start treatment! Thanks Dr. Nelson
Andrea W.
21:01 07 Feb 23
I completed my Invisalign plan with Dr. Nelson and Trinity Orthodontics. The whole process from initial screening to check up appointment to final retainer fitting was so smooth. Dr. Nelson and his staff were amazing and made the journey to correcting my teeth smooth and never had hidden fees or surprise payments. They are straightforward and tell you how much, how long, and how many appointments you need to have right at the initial visit. This is the place to go.
16:21 07 Feb 23
My person that I had Isabel was really nice and was very helpful for my Invisalign treatment
Alec M.
18:15 06 Feb 23
Service from Courtney was great!
Carissa K.
15:05 06 Feb 23
I absolutely love going in to see Courtney and Dr. Nelson. They are so kind, gentle and efficient. Always a great experience!
Best experience ever.
Kelly H.
18:31 01 Feb 23
Carley is the best she spent a lot of time on my invisalign to make them more comfortable “thanks Carley”
Zoey Z.
23:31 17 Jan 23
Carly was amazing!!! Super nice and talkative didn't hurt me at all, she was amazing!!!
Robert G.
18:20 17 Jan 23
Susan was wonderful! Very nice and did a great job on my permanent retainers. Couldn’t have had a better experience
Brigid F.
16:49 13 Jan 23
The Trinity staff is super helpful and friendly. Dr. Nelson knows his stuff. He monitors and tweaks the Invisalign trays and protocol on top of what Invisalign recommends. This makes the process go smoother and faster. I have had 2 kids go to Trinity and we are very happy with the results. Both had their jaws positioned and teeth lined up beautifully.
Jeanette C.
05:24 12 Jan 23
Hands down the best place for orthodontic treatment and care. The staff is so polite, friendly and communicative. There was a beautiful Bible quote in the lobby and a cross. I know this may not matter to some but it did to us...a great deal in fact because the staff was very loving and respectful. We weren't just patients but people to them. Thank you for your time and knowledge!
Stephanie G.
00:36 04 Jan 23
My experience with Trinity has been super positive. The staff are really nice and helpful, my teeth have made great and rapid progress thanks to Doctor Nelson's attention to detail and the orthodontists' great practice! My usual ortho. is Carly, and she is great! They are super friendly and good at what they do. 10/10 recommended.
00:41 22 Nov 22
Amazing staff! Lisa was very knowledge, helpful, and answered all my questions and concerns.
Megan S.
20:11 01 Nov 22
This was such a clean place, no wait time at all, and the staff were all very nice and fantastic! Could not recommend more!
Gallia K.
23:32 19 Oct 22
Everybody was so friendly and so upbeat. They definitely love their job and making people smile! They took their time and explained everything and when I had questions they answered straight to the point. I was extremely pleased with my consultation visit and the plan they had worked out after getting X-rays and pictures of my teeth. They offered all payment options that wouldn't break the bank, so to speak. I absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back and get the smile I've always wanted!
Lydia M.
22:24 18 Oct 22
This was my first time here (I’m transferring my care while living away from home) and the techs as well as Dr. Nelson were all very kind and welcoming. They weren’t able to do a ton for my case since this was just my initial visit but I look forward to returning and receiving help from them again 🙂
Dane Y.
21:22 18 Oct 22
I have strait teeth now. Only took a little over a year
David S.
17:01 13 Oct 22
Lisa is super helpful and kind! Made it very easy and comfortable during my consultation
Dexy P
20:44 01 Sep 22
After doing 2 years of braces, Invisalign was so much easier, and way less painful! The staff was amazing and made treatment hassle free. I 100% recommended Trinity Orthodontics.
Daneen J.
23:19 30 Aug 22
Dr. Lisa Uroste was great at explaining the Invisalign process vs. braces. Lisa really eased my daughters fears, thanks Lisa!!!
Chris H.
15:36 29 Aug 22
I could not be happier with my treatment with Trinity Orthodontics. Everything was smooth and easy, Dr Nelson was fantastic and thorough with his exams, Carley was just simply the best and so friendly. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate to return. Thanks guys!
Jessica H.
17:21 08 Aug 22
I love Trinity orthodontics. My daughter was already a patient with them and they have been very helpful and beyond friendly. I just got my consultation to start treatment today and they were extremely caring. They always take the time needed with you and nothing feels rushed.
Kendra F.
18:46 04 Aug 22
They are very thorough and patient. Answered all questions that I had, and we're kind and understanding of my specific situation and needs.
Dylan W.
22:54 01 Aug 22
Great staff! Should have wore my retainer but glad to be back.
Elizabeth C.
00:38 20 Jul 22
Very kind staff. No questions or consensus left unaddressed.
21:31 19 Jul 22
Yer is so sweet and makes you feel so comfortable. When I come in I always feel very welcomed and Yer never makes me feel judgement for my teeth progress
Erin C.
19:53 08 Jul 22
I am a few months into my Invisalign program with Trinity and have had a fantastic experience with them so far!
Julie M.
18:07 09 Jun 22
Lisa was knowledgeable, kind and willing to work with us. The office is clean and the staff friendly. Couldn’t ask for more.
Jaya R.
15:33 31 May 22
This place is amazing, all staff is very kind and they provide results too! My teeth are now as perfect as I can ever imagine, I would highly recommend coming here, and all staff is amazing and dr prentice has taken care of me and my family for years, we all love it!
Linda C.
07:02 26 May 22
Great experience here!I get super nervous when it comes to the dentist but I felt very comfortable and welcomed here.I was given several options that I could consider and broke down the costs.I would definitely reccomed.
Anthony P.
20:59 20 May 22
Very friendly and knowledgeable, Lisa was great and explained exactly what to expect.
Jlyssa M.
19:13 17 May 22
They are awesome!! They are the most welcoming groups of ladies ever!!
Adam E.
17:17 17 May 22
Everyone was very friendly and made my visit pleasurable. Lisa (PA) greeted me and offered me snacks and water to make me comfortable. She was clear and concise in explaining what she was doing at all times, making sure that I understood along the way. She was patient and kinda and addressed all of the concerns I had ranging from length of treatment to cost. She was very personable and knowledgeable and reflected the professionalism of the establishment. I would recommend to anyone looking to get orthodontic treatment to come here for no pressure staff who really care about their patients. Looking forward to starting my treatment here.
Antonio M.
22:27 11 May 22
They are amazing at this office! The lady that I had was very nice, caring and she definitely was very knowledgeable about everything and answered any question that I had with a little more!
Anisurei V.
22:40 06 Apr 22
Very polite! Willing to work with you financially.
Samantha D.
15:20 31 Mar 22
Hear the staff is amazing
Janine O.
14:54 29 Mar 22
I absolutely love this place! The staff is so kind & friendly, they do amazing work while making u feel like family.
Elizabeth R.
20:30 24 Mar 22
Amazing customer service! Learned a lot about my options and really appreciated all the time they took to answer questions and understand my needs!
Jonathan W.
21:45 21 Mar 22
Very genuine folks that make you feel at home. Really amazing technology used that shows you exactly what the plan is and the end result! If you’re on the fence, do it and let these folks help you get that smile back!
Alec S.
20:52 17 Mar 22
A+ service! Lisa was so kind and really made me feel like she was doing everything in her power to help me get the smile I’ve always wanted at a price I could afford.
Brian S.
17:49 16 Mar 22
Wonderful experience. I would refer everyone to this practice. They have done a wonderful job with our entire family! Thank you Dr. Nelson and team!
Melissa V.
21:34 15 Mar 22
Atmosphere when u walk in u feel the connection, hospitality over the top and care for consultation just l amazing. Customer service from setting up appointments to need on getting braces is the best.
Kelly H.
00:59 15 Mar 22
Carley was wonderful she explained all the steps of how Invisalign straightens your teethand how to care for your teeth during the process.
Adam B.
23:54 07 Mar 22
Lisa was Awesome!! Very Nice Place. Lisa was Very Helpful.
John S.
19:26 23 Feb 22
Very friendly and helpful
Alana E.
04:58 23 Feb 22
Had an appointment at 4, got there at 3:50 and they took me back right away. Offered me with snacks and water to drink continuously while checking up on me. Also very welcoming and kind staff that explain every step of the process!
miriam M.
01:50 23 Feb 22
Amazing service! They make you feel welcomed and explain everything very good.
Raeghan M.
23:37 09 Feb 22
It was the best dentist experience I’ve ever had, everyone is so sweet and caring.
Katherine M.
17:48 07 Feb 22
The office is very nice and clean. The location is easy easy to find. The staff is friendly and welcoming. They walked me through every step and went over my options. I felt comfortable asking questions and they were happy to answer. I’m happy I found this wonderful place.I usually dislike dental places as I have some anxiety but I was so comfortable and felt so welcomed I didn’t even have time think about it.
Alex P.
23:21 25 Jan 22
Would highly recommend this place! It has a lot of trained staff, the place is clean, and it's really nice when you first walk into the door and feel welcomed by their staff. Love it! My smile had definitely improved since I first went there!😜❤👍
James S.
06:01 18 Jan 22
This place is great. The orthodontist on site is professional, friendly, and honest. The Staff is also great, especially Lisa, who helped me get seen same day, and was very thorough, friendly, and professional. I highly recommend this place if you think you may need some orthodontia.
Andria M.
17:13 12 Jan 22
Very welcoming from the second you walk through the door. Going to the dentist is not something i really look forward to or enjoy. But coming here has really helped me have a different perspective of it. Very friendly and experienced. Thank you Lisa for all your help!
Leslie L.
17:58 06 Jan 22
My husband and I are so thankful for Trinity. We have only had the best service and care. The staff is wonderful and friendly. Strange to say but we love going to the orthodontist!!
Hannah B.
20:29 22 Dec 21
Lisa was wonderful. She was patient and understanding of my jaw pain I was experiencing. She gave me great insight into the cause of my discomfort. If your in need of orthodontist treatment or TMJ symptoms/discomfort, go to Trinity!
Jennah C.
18:04 22 Dec 21
I am in awe at the level of customer service. I was served hot tea to make me feel cozy and Lisa took excellent care of me. I am definitely glad I came in. Pam in the office is a true treasure and I am thankful for her recommendation to come in. First time customer and I will definitely be back!
Taylor E
07:27 19 Dec 21
I visited Trinity Orthodontics in Arvada and saw Dr. David G. Sabbott. I had seen him for treatment nearly a decade ago and had looked online to see if he was still in practice when I found him here – I was overjoyed! Lisa Urioste, the new patient consultant, was both friendly, patient and transparent. After having visited a couple local orthodontic offices who wanted to charge me an unreasonable amount for the same treatment plan, I was left feeling utterly disappointed. Lisa made the process easy and worked with me to come up with an affordable treatment plan. I am SO grateful and I definitely recommend coming here. Dr. David G. Sabbott is THE BEST! 🙂
Christina C.
18:02 13 Dec 21
We felt so very valued as patients. Everyone took the time to answer our many questions and make us feel as comfortable as possible with the process. I love their conservative approach and so glad we came here to get a second opinion... Saved us a lot of money and headache in the long run! We are excited to be long term patients at Trinity Orthodontics!
Karla A.
00:35 08 Dec 21
Jen and Letty very nice people and over all súper nice people would highly recomend it here
Adrian A.
00:31 08 Dec 21
Letty and Jen super nice people and over all they all are nice people would recommend to come here!
Ashley S.
20:10 06 Dec 21
I'm so happy with the service I received from Yer! She was great at making me feel comfortable and took her time making sure I was taken care of. Thank you so so much for a wonderful experience Yer!!
Audriana S.
02:24 03 Dec 21
My first time at the office was wonderful. The entire staff was friendly and Dr. Nelson and Jennifer are amazing at what they do! I felt welcome and at ease the entire time. I’ve been putting braces off for so long and for so many reasons and I know I’m in good hands! I can’t recommend this place enough!
zayra C.
17:49 01 Dec 21
Buen lugar para Invisalign, muy amables todos y Delia hace excelente trabajo!
23:41 30 Nov 21
Great office, Doctor & staff!!!
Caelyn M.
22:17 30 Nov 21
All of the staff are super nice and I feel like I connect with them 🙂
03:39 24 Nov 21
Great doctors and staff, overall great service
Maikia X.
18:53 23 Nov 21
Love the staff and results! Especially DA Yer, she is such a calm and joy to be around. You can tell she loves to do what she does.
Kamala M.
17:33 23 Nov 21
3 kids…3 great experiences!
Jackson M.
17:09 23 Nov 21
Trinity Arvada is a great family environment and a great childhood orthodontist.
Amanda R.
23:18 18 Nov 21
Dr. Nelson and staff are always extremely friendly and polite. Dr. Nelson takes the time to explain things and listen to my concerns. His offices are clean and comfortable, and the work stations are private which I appreciate! He and his staff have gone out of their way to help me when I had an issue with needing a replacement aligner. My case has been a more challenging one and Dr. Nelson has been creative and patient in helping to get my bite just right. Thank you so much!
17:53 18 Nov 21
Everyone was very friendly, especially Jennifer. She made me feel very welcomed and answered all my questions. 🙂
rhonda R.
23:02 17 Nov 21
Lisa and Dr. Nelson made me feel like a family member. Lisa was very attentive and thoughtful. After 1 visit I am comfortable and actually looking forward to my treatment.
millie h
22:37 16 Nov 21
The people are so kind and it makes something that feels like a chore more bearable 🙂
hunter B.
16:46 16 Nov 21
Everyone here is so kind and awesome, they just want to help and it’s great!
Michelle R.
23:24 04 Nov 21
Everyone I spoke with was incredibly friendly and helpful. I worked with Jamie for my consultation and she went above and beyond to answer all of my questions. She and the other folks working in the office even helped me look up how everything worked with my insurance. Dr. Nelson and Jamie explained the ins and outs of the sleep appliance and told me all of my options. Jamie also took the time to follow up with me, and even though that course of treatment wasn't the right fit for me, she still treated me with respect and encouraged me to go with the best course for me. If you have sleep apnea, I cannot recommend them enough. I'm sure they are just as great with everything else they do too
Trinity M.
21:04 04 Nov 21
this is my favorite place to get my braces worked with. everyone is so nice and so sweet.
Sam B.
15:24 03 Nov 21
She was so nice always made sure I was ok and is always my doctor she is so nice
Liz V.
03:13 03 Nov 21
Fui a mi primer cita , muy amables , la que me hico mi consulta primero Jenn, y la que me puso mi Invisalign hoy que fue Carley , muy atentas y muy amables. Muy recomendable este lugar ! Gracias trinity Orthodontist!
Kelley K.
19:06 02 Nov 21
I had a great experience at my consultation for Invisalign today. The team was so helpful and gave me all the information I needed. The staff was super friendly and Lisa made sure to make everything very clear for me so I knew what was going to happen. They went above and beyond to make my experience great and I can’t wait to get started with my Invisalign treatment!
21:46 28 Oct 21
great ortho!
Addam M.
20:58 28 Oct 21
Efficient, effective, excellent!I had a major cross-bite that the dentist said wouldn't be corrected with invisalign and Trinity didn't see it that way. They had me in and I was amazed how fast I saw results.
Lisa U.
22:22 27 Oct 21
Love this place, Dr Nelson and his team are awesome!
Riley C.
21:40 26 Oct 21
Our whole family has been through braces with Trinity. The staff is the best, especially Letty and Carly who helped us today. They’re sweet, caring, and go above and beyond to help us get scheduled and keep us in the know. Thank for all of your help and support from my whole family.
Brittany C.
19:27 26 Oct 21
I came here for a second opinion and Dr. Nelson and Lisa Urioste were absolutely incredible. Very professional, knowledgeable, kind, and most importantly, honest. Thank you, Trinity Orthodontics!
Jenni H.
19:07 25 Oct 21
I went to Trinity to find out if I needed to replace my 15-year-old retainer (which actually came from a previous orthodontist who transferred his patients to Trinity when he retired) and to see if my teeth needed any adjustments after all this time out of my braces. I saw Lisa, the lead orthodontic assistant, and she was outstanding. Not only was she highly professional and knowledgeable, but she was also honest about the fact that my teeth didn’t need any tweaking, and my retainer was continuing to do its job. I appreciated that she gave me some options but didn’t push any products or services that I didn’t need—not even a little bit. This practice is also great with kids. My son started his braces with the previous orthodontist and finished them with Trinity. We’ve been really pleased with the results.
Charlie C
16:38 21 Oct 21
Absolutely friendly, fast and fun service! Always coming and leaving with a smile. Looking forward to my next visit(s), Thank you Brittany for having such a great personality and taking great care of me and my teeth 😁 !!
Jason M.
18:29 19 Oct 21
The team was incredibly friendly and helped make the process nice and easy! Thanks Trinity!
Amanda K.
20:56 16 Oct 21
I went to Trinity Orthodontics for my own treatment many years ago and they were absolutely amazing. My son now needs orthodontic treatment and they were the first place I called. My son has always been a little nervous at the dentist. They made him feel so comfortable! I didn’t even tell them he gets nervous, they were just so kind and talked him through everything they were doing. They are truly amazing and really care about their patients.
Ava N.
16:34 06 Oct 21
I love this orthodontist. The people who work here are so nice!! 🙂 Courtney is so nice!!
17:31 30 Sep 21
Wonderful staff and environment with amazing treatments!
Kayli J.
18:44 29 Sep 21
Super helpful and friendly. Dentists have great credentials which gets me excited to get my Invisalign treatment done here!
Miguel R.
23:55 24 Sep 21
Fantastic and wonderful service!!! Very detailed and made the experience comfortable!! Lisa was super awesome!!
Jaden G
20:54 22 Sep 21
The staff is extremely friendly and my experience has been absolutely wonderful!
Susan S.
18:48 22 Sep 21
I am impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff at Trinity Orthodontics. Being an adult seeking orthodontic treatment, I had a ton of questions. Dr Nelson was very thorough in explaining his treatment plan. Jennifer was amazing at answering all my questions, following up and making me feel welcome and valued.
Sevastian T.
22:29 21 Sep 21
They have been wonderful for my husband, patient with making sure the brackets fit and now that I need invisalign as well they have put just as much effort and patience into helping me.
Ali W.
17:13 16 Sep 21
I'm only a couple months into treatment and I have to say, the entire practice has been blowing my mind with how great they are. I can't speak to results yet because I have a long road ahead of me, but believe me when I say, the people here are beyond amazing as far as industry standards. I have a very difficult case and I've seen just about every type of dental health professional: Dentists, Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists (I've seen multiple of each practice) and this is the ONLY practice that has gone above and beyond and has not disappointed me in one way or another.The front office has worked with my schedule at every turn. The price was lower than two other orthodontists I've seen, and I have not been surprised with any additional costs.Dr. Nelson has been informative, flexible, open to discussion and is actually FRIENDLY. I can't tell you how many people in the industry just seem like robots. I'm very happy to be working with him.The team of assistants or technicians (not sure their exact titles) are my absolute FAVORITE part of the practice. They are hands down the most friendly, kind, caring, capable, non-judgmental, and helpful people. I've already written enough, so I'll wrap things up. Just know, they will absolutely take care of your needs. For what it's worth, I have a lot of needs and have high expectations so I'm not writing any of this lightly. They ARE that good.
Tristan B.
22:15 14 Sep 21
I would 100% recommend Trinity Orthodontics. Lisa is always very helpful with a wonderful personality and can manage to put a smile on any customers face to make them feel welcome. Keep it up! 👍🏼
Kaili E.
22:53 13 Sep 21
Super friendly staff! They try and make sure you understand the treatment plan.
Emily F.
20:35 13 Sep 21
Friendly and caring staff.
Tammy V.
16:45 27 Aug 21
I just want say thank you to Lisa my son’s dental assistant. Lisa you are amazing and trinity is lucky to have you on there team.
Natalie A
16:01 26 Aug 21
Great orthodontist. Especially Lottie/Lettie (can't remember how to spell her name). I arrived a day early to my appointment on accident, and she got me an appointment that day, saving me hours of drive time. Great team!
amanda M.
20:48 25 Aug 21
Very knowledgeable with the Orthodontic process. Great with patient education.
Courtney M.
22:53 19 Aug 21
Dr. Nelson and Jennifer go above and beyond standard orthodontic services. Jennifer is extremely kind, wise, clear in communication and sensitive to the needs of everyone--patients, siblings and parents. She's the best person to have on a first visit.We had a few surprises in our kids' teeth on that first visit, but Dr. Nelson went out of his way to provide expertise as well as kind and clear communication to set a path forward. We weren't even supposed to see him that day, but he made himself available to us anyway.If it were not for Dr. Nelson's openness in helping us and for Jennifer's wise communication, our girls would have had major complications with their mouth down the road. My personal experience with orthodontics was marred by dishonesty, so trusting the staff at Trinity was not easy. However, their integrity was clear from the beginning. By trusting them, my kids are now on a better path to a healthy mouth. If trust and high standards are a big thing for you, this would be the place for you.
Desi N.
21:21 09 Aug 21
Courtney, was so kind and awesome!
Samantha C.
20:42 09 Aug 21
Amazing experience and staff! Courtney is the best! Would recommend to anyone!
Naomi B.
15:36 05 Aug 21
Such a great experience every time I come here for my check ups. Highly recommend coming here for your braces. Carley has been amazing to me and is always super helpful!
02:07 04 Aug 21
I went in today for my first time to look into getting Invisalign. I absolutely do not like any sort of dental office. I have always been very afraid of them even though I know that’s silly. From the moment I walked into Trinity Orthodontics it was a wonderful experience. Jennifer had me feeling instantly relaxed. She was friendly and informative and just all around amazing. Dr.Nelson came in for the consultation and was extremely personable and knowledgeable as well. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a good orthodontist in the Denver area. I have never reviewed a business before but they really went above and beyond and they deserve every one of the hundreds of positive reviews they have! If you’re considering dental work, don’t hesitate- give them a call!
izabella M.
15:31 21 Jul 21
Carly is the best. She dose really great!
Sarah H.
21:58 20 Jul 21
Can not say enough good things about Trinity. Our family has been with them for over 20 years. We have always been treated very well by the staff. The treatments are state-of-the-art the art and financially affordable.
Four O.
16:12 27 May 21
Lisa (the New Yorker?)was very helpful, and Letty was very nice. Great office!
Zion W.
23:27 19 May 21
Amazing service! Jamie and Dr. Nelson were incredibly thorough and helpful. They really work with you here and are so personable.
23:57 11 Mar 21
There is no other place to go for perfect teeth, in less than half the time as traditional braces, than Trinity Orthodontics. You can really trust the experience of the orthodontists and staff. The new office in Broomfield has delightfully friendly and professional staff in the very convenient location of Lowell and 144th. They are very knowledgeable and communicate every detail so that you can make an informed decision on your treatment. They were willing to work with us on retreatment for one of our children (problems from a different out of state Orthodontist) and my youngest was very happy to get through his treatment in less than a year and has had complements on how straight his teeth are from his regular dentist. If you are in need of orthodontic treatment, LOOK NO FURTHER, Trinity is the best!
Shawna M.
01:49 09 Mar 21
Jamie, the New Patient Consultant, made this visit worth the five stars. She was informative, answered all questions, and was super nice. I visited their Brighton location and love their space. Am excited to be working with them to fix my TMJ.
Sunni A.
00:45 20 Jan 21
I love it best experience I've ever had! Especially with Brittney. All the staff is is so sweet and respectful I will recommend everyone to come here!!
Lindsay R.
23:51 11 Jan 21
Very friendly and helpful.
Aaron O.
22:08 06 Jan 21
Trinity is a truly amazing orthodontics they treat every patient like family and never make it feel like a place of doom that most people picture as a child.
Meghan S.
14:56 11 Nov 20
Dr. Sabbit and Dr. Nelson are both excellent and attentive. Carley is one of their awesome assistants who connects with patients.
Kayla R.
00:46 14 Jun 19
My daughter has been going her for a little over a year for Invisalign trays. Every time we go in to the office Dr. Sabbot and his staff are extremely friendly, full of information, and helpful. We are towards the end of her treatment. Her smile is beautiful!
Marie C.
17:52 13 Jun 19
Dr. Sabott and his entire staff are extremely friendly and professional! They are always concerned with what is best for my children, their teeth and my budget. Love love love this place!!
Marisa I.
21:45 04 Dec 18
This is the best orthodontist hands down, they always always take care of me and make sure I leave happy. They go above and beyond for you and treat you like family. I recommend them 100 percent.
Lexi B.
18:26 26 Nov 18
Great first time here! Friendly and very helpful!!!
Nick D.
16:23 26 Nov 18
Dr. Sabott and his team have been amazing! We had to start our 9 yr old son in early treatment and they have made the whole process very smooth and have helped us and our son to understand what we need to do to help our son complete treatment.
Jessica H.
23:09 21 Nov 18
Amazing staff! Very friendly and family like
Lydia G.
00:08 21 Nov 18
Most of my family has gone here and the results are always beyond what we would expect. Dr Sabott and his team are always kind and treat you like family. Carley is my awesome tech, she is an exceptional asset and is always smiling 😊 Thank you! I highly recommend them, you won’t be disappointed.
Dennis C.
20:35 20 Nov 18
All three of my kids had excellent results with Dr. Sabbott. Not only is he a master at his craft, he genuinely cares about his patients. The staff is always great too!! Highly recommended!
Crystal G.
22:49 13 Nov 18
4th Ave Ortho is awesome, both my kids feel comfortable here and I know they are getting the correct and best treatment. I recommend this place to everyone. Plus the staff is amazing!
Robin Z.
22:49 18 Oct 18
We are so grateful we found Dr. Sabott and his staff. Dr. Sabott really cares about his patients. He is well informed, thorough and sincere. We think he is the best orthodontist in Colorado!
Jeremy G.
23:17 02 Oct 18
Absolutely amazing staff! Feels like a second family here!! The service is top notch!!!
Brittany D.
03:26 01 Jun 18
This place is amazing. We werent customers and my son was in a lot of pain because of a wire and we were in a hurry for a baseball game and they were arms open willing to help. They saved the evening. You guys rock and I apperciate you more then you. They won their game also!!!!!
John B.
05:04 04 Mar 18
My wife had been experiencing significant jaw pain for a long time, and she had a rather challenging cross bite. Surgery was an expensive option, but Dr. Sabott was recommended to us from two diverse sources: a surgeon and a top local dentist. Dr. Sabott has had a long career as an orthodontist and is still clearly on the cutting edge of the profession. My wife feels well-attended by the staff and Dr. Sabott. We live in Boulder and although the drive is often more than half an hour, it is worth it.
Lee K.
22:11 10 Jan 18
We we're actually recommend to see Dr. Sabbott by an Orthodontist in Sherman Oaks, CA as he knew we were from Colorado but had an emergency while in Cali. We were so impressed by the staff, his qualifications, how he could relate to not only us but my daughters and make them feel comfortable that we have used their services even though they don't accept our insurance. He set a long term plan and it has worked exactly as expected and the results are amazing. We would recommend Dr. Sabbott to anyone and everyone.
Chanda B.
22:05 09 Jan 18
This place is amazing!!!
Denise M.
22:08 08 Jan 18
Dr Sabott and his staff are the most professional staff that I have ever dealt with. They make you feel right at home. The results from my daughters braces far exceeded my expectations. They were patient and waited until they were satisfied with the end result. I can't wait to get started with my invisalign!
Carla M.
23:28 18 Sep 17
I love Dr. Sabott and his staff. They are so friendly and knowledgable. I recommend them all the time when people ask for a orthodontist.
Rachel M.
00:31 15 Sep 17
I LOVE my teeth, and I have never been able to say that before I walked into this Orthodontist office.The staff is the best out there. . You honestly get treated like family. Dr. Sabbot is so incredibly kind and honest with you, and wants you to have the best smile possible. I have been done with my Invisalign treatment for over 7 months, and I would have done it sooner if I knew how happy I would be with the outcome. Thank you again guys! YOU ARE THE BEST!
Jenna W.
21:53 26 May 16
I was with another Ortho for almost a year and wasn't making the progress I wanted to see (My case is defiantly a rough one). Needless to say I went to Dr. Sabott and his amazing team and I am now on the right path. They are so kind and will make you feel comfortable and at ease. I will be a 30 yr old in braces and finally in the right hands!! The prices are very reasonable and they are simply amazing. I am so happy I made the switch.
Tim H.
20:01 11 Jan 16
simply the best !
Becky G.
19:20 16 Sep 15
Dr. Sabott is the best Orthodontist. Both my daughter's have been under the care of Dr. Sabott and his staff and they have done a great job. My oldest is out of braces and her smile is just beautiful. The younger one is still under treatment and all is going well. Office is very accommodating with appointments and scheduling. Overall a fantastic experience. When we are ready to put my srep-son into treatment Dr Sabott will be our choice.
Alexis T.
17:03 16 Sep 15
Dr. Sabott and the whole team at 4th Ave Orthodontics have been amazing with my husband. Being an adult patient with braces is hard but having a supportive team is so beneficial. Dr Sabott and his team are so welcoming and accommodating to our needs. We love and highly recommend Dr. Sabott for your family!!!! =)